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September 1, 2010

Finding methodologies in PsycINFO

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PsycINFO has an awesome feature that allows you to find articles using a particular methodology. They’ve even increased its usefullness by including a few additional methods in the past month.

So if you’re interested in qualitative studies, first change the dropdown menu under “Only show content where” to “Methodology”:

Methodologies in PsycINFO

Change the dropdown menu to “Methodology”

The second box will list various methodologies. Hold down the ctrl key while clicking on the various types of methodologies — Clinical Case Study, Interview, Focus Group, and Non-Clinical Case Study, and Qualitative Study:

Qualitative methodologies in PsycINFO

Use ctrl-Click to select one or several methodologies in the scroll box

Here’s the list:

brain imaging mathematical model
clinical case study meta analysis
empirical study nonclinical case study
experimental replication prospective study
field study qualitative study
focus group quantitative study
followup study retrospective study
interview systematic review
literature review treatment outcome/clinical trial
longitudinal study  twin study

PubMed also allows you to limit by methodology, but there aren’t as many choices as in PsycINFO. Other databases require you to use the research methodology as a keyword in your search. Doesn’t work quite as well.If you have any questions, I’m here!

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