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July 24, 2013

InterLibrary Loan: Where do your books come from?

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What’s the greatest thing about libraries? We share almost everything with each other!

Here at the University of St. Thomas, we share our collection with other libraries of the ACTC schools. Searching our catalog brings results from the other schools. A click on the Request link starts the process that ends with the courier bringing the book to your favorite CLIC library where you can check it out.

But if no CLIC library owns your book or subscribes to your journal?

books from UST, CLIC, Minitex, the US, the world

Our InterLibrary Loan department rocks harder than any I’ve seen.

Faith Bonitz and Lindsey Loree borrow books from everywhere. And with about 60 requests per day, they get requests for almost anything.

The UST libraries also participate in the Minitex network which makes it easy for us to get books and articles from academic and public libraries in Minnesota.

Generally,  they get books and papers for you mostly from the University of Minnesota. It’s close and, as a state university, has the obligation to assist all of Minnesota’s citizens. But even the U doesn’t have everything. Soooo……

Around once or twice a month, we borrow books from around the world: France, the UK, Taiwan, Australia, and everywhere else.


Maps showing that books are lent to UST from all over the world

ILL is the Travel Agent for Books


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