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June 25, 2012

PsycINFO and the Get IT button

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For the past few months, I ‘ve received comments from students that we don’t subscribe to some basic journals in psychology. This has completely stumped me, because each of the journals they mentioned, we did subscribe to. Often back to the first volume of the journal (like 1954).

System error message from Science Direct

Have you seen this before?

This past week Carolyn DeLuca (our Electronic Resources Librarian) and I have been looking at specific articles that students said they couldn’t link to after they found the record in PsycINFO.

What seems to be happening is that when the record in PsycINFO  doesn’t include page numbers or other important fields, the Get IT button is going to our error page. (This often happens when the print version hasn’t come out yet, so they don’t know the pages yet.) This allows you to click on a button that says Journal. Normally clicking on that will let you go to the journal and you can navigate around to the article. This isn’t working either. The most recent, not yet in print issue, isn’t listed.

First posting, no pagination in a record

Articles that say First Posting or No Pagination are problematic. We may or may not subscribe to them.

If you click on the DOI, you can go directly to the article. But this only works if we subscribe directly to the publisher. If it’s in another database, like Academic Search Premier, the link will ask you to PAY for it. You’ve already paid for it through the library.

If  you  are having problems accessing articles, please let me know. I’ll try to get it for you.  We can’t fix the problems until we know about them.


May 10, 2012

Open Comments for the DSMV

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ImageThe American Psychiatric Association is again asking for input on the DSM-V. Make your voice heard!

The following comes from their website:

DSM-5 Draft Criteria Open for Final Public Comment

May 2nd through June 15th, 2012


For the next 6 weeks we are pleased to once again offer the opportunity to submit comments on the draft fifth edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). This commenting period marks the third and final time DSM-5 draft criteria will be available for your feedback. Following this period the site will remain viewable with the draft proposals until DSM-5’s publication.


November 22, 2011

Peer Review? What’s the deal?

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Many faculty members want their students to use only peer reviewed/refereed journal articles. (Journals send the articles out to folks doing research in the same field as the author(s) and get reviews back on the quality and importance of the article.)

Here are some issues that you should be thinking about when reading these articles: You still must critically read ANY article you see.

September 29, 2010
Research Without Borders
Scholarly Communication Program
Columbia University

November 11, 2011

Tutorial: Setting up Word for APA style papers

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I’m delighted to share a tutorial with you. Step-by-step instructions to format a paper in Word. The embedded video here discusses Word 2007/2010 for Windows. From Terrence Jorgensen, Kennesaw State University, Psychology Lab

Prof. Jorgensen has another video for Word for MAC. If you go to his website, scroll down. On the right-hand side of the page to “Using APA Style in MS Word”. These videos allow you use a table of contents to jump through the video. Thank you, Prof. Jorgensen!

October 31, 2011

Headings in Word — especially for your doctoral project

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Researching and writing your doctoral project entails tons of work and thought. And then you have to format the thing. Why should that send you over the edge?

Frustrating headings in Word

The headings never seem to do what you want!

I’ve finally learned how to set up headings in Word. Thank goodness people all over the web are so helpful!

Here are two handouts that explain the process, step by step:

Extra bonus: When you use Headings in Word, you can make Word automatically produce a Table of contents.

If you’d like, come visit me and we can work on your Headings together.

October 6, 2011

Want a New Journal in Psychology?

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Frustrated finding articles on your topic? Think, if only we had the Journal of Positive Psychology, my time here would be paradise! Or I could finish my paper in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.Bottle fed happy lamb

Why don’t we  have the J of Positive Psych?  When we started the psych program here, the libraries decided to limit our journals in the field. Students don’t come here to study with individual faculty, so every year students write on different, cherished topics. Getting journals in all of the different fields would require tons of money.

Instead, the library felt students could get anything they need through InterLibrary Loan. This is true. And our InterLibrary Loan department is amazing! They can find just about anything and get it quickly.

However, when students research their topic, not finding the full text for article after article leads to frustration. We understand.

Yet, I don’t want to subscribe to journals haphazardly. We set up new subscriptions to journals in the spring. My plan is to encourage everyone to ILL everything they need this year. I can get statistics on what you’ve requested and decide which journals folks need the most. Also, if you find that you need several article from a certain journal, please let me me know the title.

Please let all of your colleagues know that I’m working on the serials situation this year. Write in with your favorite journals!

October 5, 2011

Annual Reviews: Psychology and Clinical Psychology

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Annual Reviews provides in-depth, analytical overviews of topics being discussed in the field right now. These are basically reports of the most important scholarly communication available on the topic.

What can Annual Reviews do for you?

  • Find new topics.
  • Get great references.
  • See what the field is interested in.
  • See where gaps are in the research.

If you find a relatively recent article on your topic, you’ll find tons of seminal articles on  your topic — articles that everyone who publishes on your topic read.

One problem: their search screen. Going to their website, you wonder how to find anything if you don’t want to browse 80 years of research.

Well, here are the guidelines…

First, click on the search button, without typing in any words or anything:

Hit the search button without typing in anything

Next, click on the Journals button:

Click on Journals under search boxes

Click on Journals under search boxes

Type in your specific topic/search terms and choose the academic subject fields you’re interested in.

Click on academic fields and do you're search

Finally, you can search!

And your results which, in this case, are excellent and interesting.

Great results for articles on personality.

Primo! man!

October 4, 2011

It’s hard to get downtown. Skype me!

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Can’t or don’t want to come downtown to Minneapolis? Need to chat about your paper or doc project? The phone is frustrating?

Man on telephone, looking at a computer, says "Click where?"

Let’s Skype!recording skype

Why do I love Skype?

  • It’s free!
  • We can see each other!
  • We can see each others’ computer screens!
  • I get to hear your voice!
  • Less time-consuming and frustrating than the phone or IM.

My Skype name is merrie.davidson.

Download Skype at

We can chat and share our computer screens without a web camera. So, if you’d rather I not see you in your pajamas, we can still use Skype. (But flannel pajamas are my clothing of choice.)

If you’d like to play on Skype before using it for real, we can do that too!

PsycTESTS and PsycTHERAPY: Should UST subscribe?

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Do you need a test of anxiety? An intelligence inventory for Spanish-speaking children? A questionnaire to determine the degree of economic hardship families face?

Do you want to know if the test, inventory or questionnaire is valid or reliable? Then PsycTESTS is for you!

APA, the folks who bring you PsycINFO, has collected the tests, measurements, inventories, and questionnaires that have been developed, reviewed, and used in almost all of the articles that they index. Yes, you can get them in full text, linked to the articles they appear in!

It’s a cornucopia of testing delight.

Try out PsycTESTS!

A librarian can fit in anywhere

Afterwards, take our poll to let me know how much you liked it.

At same place, look at PsycTHERAPY. Would these videos help you with your work?

August 12, 2011

Annotated Bibliograpy in RefWorks

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RefWorks can do amazing things for you!

Often students need to write annotated bibliographies. If you use RefWorks, you can have it make a bibliography for you and then type  your annotation under each of the citations. Nice, but sometimes a headache for formatting.

You could, however, have RefWorks format the entire annotated bibliography for you! There are 3 steps:

1) Export all of your articles, books, and other references into RefWorks.

2) In each record in RefWorks, type in your annotation (description, analysis, critique) of the article in the Personal Notes field. (To edit a record, click on the edit icon –a  piece of paper with pencil).

Edit Button

Type in analysis in Personal Notes field

3) Click on the Create Bibliography button. For Output Style, under University of St Thomas Specific, select APA-6th: Annotated Bibliography. Follow the regular process to make a bibliography and Voila! A formatted annotated bibliography.

Scroll to APA 6th -- Annotated Bibliography

Choose APA 6th -- Annotated Bibliography

Click on Create BibliographyVoila!

The Annotated Bibliography!

The Annotated Bibliography!

Let me know if you’d like different formats (you can do this yourself by clicking on  Bibliography and then Edit Output Style.) But I’m happy to reformat the style to make it more useable for everyone. Let me know!

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